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Your summer makeup guide

A shift in season brings with it an excuse to break rules and set new ones. As summer makes its hot-headed presence felt, here’s an experts take on the colour update for the season:


The Pantone prediction:

The colour-forecasting company went with the mood of the hour in fashion globally by putting ‘Greenery’ on the forefront for the year.

And, in makeup too, colours like green, blue and varied shades that relate to celebration of ecology and environment are making their presence felt.

For beauty expert Vidya Tikari, the refreshing palette lends itself well to the summer, especially for the eyes.“Green will be big this year and a shade of grass green has my vote.”


Biting into citrus hues:

For beauty expert Ishika Taneja, fruity hues makes up the season. “For spring/summer, my pick is a red-based orange. Whether you pair it with neutral or vibrant hues — the shade looks fabulous.”

Pick the bright shade for your lips or be runway-inspired and for summer, experiment with shadowed eyes in pop pinks and glossy wines.

While browns, coppers and highlighted reds will always be a favourite with many, why not amp up the colour metre this summer with a happy palette of colours that pop.

“We are doing a lot of pastel colours, bright pinks, yellow, blue and purples more now than ever, and this is the season to go for them. While unicorn hair (a mish-mash of all these hues) is not making a noise in India yet, one could go for solid, bold colours for the season,” suggests hair artist Rod Anker.

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