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Jessica Jones Is Teaming Up With Kate Bishop For a New Hawkeye Adventure

Kate Bishop’s new life in L.A. as a private investigator is about to get a bit of a mix up—because Hawkeye’s next arc is bringing in the big guns in the form of Jessica Jones herself. Eager to learn more, we sat down with series writer Kelly Thompson to see how Jessica and Kate will fare together on a wild new case.

 With Hawkeye Investigations established and one case under her belt, Kate is already well used to life in the city of angels by the time her investigative idol Jessica turns up on the trail of her own case in Hawkeye #5. Will Kate be able to show off everything she’s learned to Marvel’s own master of Personal Investigation, and help Jessica crack her case? Check out our interview with Thompson below, as well as a preview of the issue making its debut here on io9.


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