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Childhood’s Joy with Books: Photo Exhibition for Spreading Joyful Message of Education


Special Correspondent: The first day of the year is celebrated with immense joy and unparalleled appeal. The students of every school are cheering in joy with new books in their hands. The students are celebrating new academic year with the fragrance of new books. Through the cheer of new bud youths bloom the immense prospect of Bangladesh.

Now, no student of Bangladesh has to stop study because of book scarcity. The drop out rate at primary level was alarming few years ago. Many students had to stop study because of book scarcity too. All these are past now. Bangladesh has been distributing free books among primary and secondary school students for last seven years. 1st January is celebrated as Academic Book fair day at every educational institutions and schools of the country.

Bangladesh government initiated to distribute free books among the students in 2009. 243 Crore books have been distributed in primary and secondary levels in last eight years. As a continuation of the event 5 out of 37 ethnic group students have also received 50,000 books in their mother tongue in this year 2017. The huge event was completed without any problem.

It is very rare to distribute such a huge number of books in the world. Bangladesh has reached a different height with the serious initiative to build a learned nation. UNESCO said, a few countries have given proper importance in spite of low income- Bangladesh is one of them. To prevent drop out, food distribution programed is also going on in primary level besides stipend for the students. These positive steps of the government open the door of possibility for every student. Education is now bringing happiness and dream for new days to every child.

The ardent dream of childhood was lost for Photographer Fojit Sheikh Babu. He had to stop study at the mid 1980s because of book scarcity. So the vast change of education stirred him a lot. So he wanted to disseminate the success story of Bangladesh’s education from his own personal emotion. The Photography exhibition ‘Childhood Joy with Books’ is solely Babu’s alone initiative.

This is not the first time that Fojit Sheikh Babu is initiating an action on the problems of Bangladesh with his limited capability. His first success was a photography exhibition ‘Stop the climate change’. He has not only protraited the climate disaster of Bangladesh; he has also created awareness to save the endangered environment. Through the second exhibition ‘Save the river Shitalakkhya’, he warned about the river pollution through industrial wastes. He also arranged the exhibition at Bangladesh National Museum and then at the Bank of Shitalakkhya and Central Shahid Minar, Chashara at Narayangonj. He arranged a joint photo exhibition with Alliance Française de Dhaka ‘Save the river Buriganga’. Through this event he demanded for clean and pollution free Buriganga.

Babu’s 6th initiative with 50 Photographs are “Childhood’s Joy with Books”, will be held in Paris, France.

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