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Bike stunts, races turn Hatirjheel risky

A good number of youths are involved in motorbike stunts and races in the city’s Hatirjheel areas, turning the most beautiful hangout place into a risky zone of accident. 

Hatirjheel, the most charming hangout place in the city, has turned into a place of panic for general public due to the risky bike stunt by some errant youth groups, people complained.

They said people become panic-stricken watching such riding with high speed and noisy sound of whistles. It is responsible for most of the accidents in the area.

But, the law enforcers do not take necessary steps in this regard.Due to the group stunts in Hatirjheel roads, people who go there to spend some time are getting irritated and often face incidents too.

Such stunts and races were seen in Hatirjheel’s Gulshan Bridge, Badda Lane and Modhubagh Lane. The youths often hit another transport or pedestrians while driving recklessly at a high speed.

Police sources said some youth gangs or groups have been involved in car and motorbike races and stunts in the absence of monitoring by the law enforcers.

The youths involved in such stunts and races are from well-off families. They usually form a group and come to city streets at dusk or at the dead of night for stunt or race.

“We have taken notice of the issue. It’s a public issue. We often conduct drive, but we have decided to conduct drive specifically against the risky bike stunt and race,” said Jahangir Alam, Senior Assistant Police Commissioner (Rampura Traffic Zone) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

He also said that they have already started a campaign programme to create awareness about the traffic and other issues.

Urging the authority to take action, Sazzad Alamin, a banker who goes to office daily through Hatirjheel, said that it is really irritating that they annoy people who come to have a pleasant time in Hatirjheel. When they are involved in races and stunts on the busy roads and lanes in Hatirjheel area, it is very much risky for them and public as well.

He said he sustained injuries last year as an errant biker hit him while he was coming back from Gulshan office. The interesting fact is that the biker sustained severe injuries too.

“The Hatirjheel project is a nice hangout place for nature lovers as there are few places in Dhaka city where people can have pleasant and tranquil environment. But due to some errant youths, the area has become a fearful place for us,” said Ayesha Ajmir, a private university student.

They also complained that it is trashing the beauty of beautiful Hatirjheel.

However, some bikers have termed the stunt ‘a sport’ which is very common in Europe. They also admit that it is little bit daring and has a kind of addiction.

It was found that some racers and stunt displayers take part in such practice along with their girlfriends. Some of them make video footage for uploading on Facebook or other web-pages.

Sources in police said biker groups also take part in races and stunts on different roads in the city, including Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Badda, Bashundhara, Shyamoli, Mohammadpur and Kamalapur. May 2017

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