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Shilpa`s bouncers get into fight with photographers

Bastian in Bandra has become celebs’ favourite spot. Shilpa Shetty who frequently visits Bastian with her husband and family was out for a cosy dinner last Thursday at the eatery.

Little did they know that this date would turn into a bloody incident. An ugly incident happened last night outside Bastian, where bouncers got into a violent fight with the photographers while they were trying to click pictures of the couple who were heading out post their dinner when the bouncers go in their way, which sadly resulted in the fight.
The restaurant owners have sent out a public apology on behalf of their hospitality team, which stated, “We’re saddened and shocked by the incident that took place outside Bastian last night.

We have celebrities and well-known guests visiting us frequently, and every experience has so far been smooth.
During last night’s incident, the people involved were personnel of Tough Security who are hired for Bastian via external vendors – as is the practice, the security agency assigns their personnel to us and other establishments based on who is available that day.

All the Bastian staff, as well as the management, was inside in the restaurant on the second floor at the time of the incident – we were made aware of the same a while after it began.

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