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Watch: Priyanka Chopra reveals she wasn’t cast in a movie because of racism

Desi girl Prianka Chopra has been making us proud in whatever she does. The actress is constantly juggling between her responsibilities as a producer in India and shooting for season three of ABC’s Quantico in the US.

We came across a clip from her interview with ET Canada where she talks about facing racism. She revealed she wasn’t cast in a movie because the writers would have to write a part explaining why an American is Indian.

When asked if racism exists, PC says, “Racism? Yeah! I wasn’t cast in a movie because I didn’t…because they had to write a storyline explaining why an American would be Indian and things like that. So that’s hugely racist. Even though you might be the best person for the job, just because of he colour of your skin, you don’t get cast. So, that happens and it was extremely painful!”

Priyanka further added, “I think racism is something that’s prevalent everywhere.It’s just how many people talk about it and how many people have the courage to call it out.”

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