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World Physiotherapy Day 2016

captureWCPT has launched its materials to help physical therapists around the world mark this year’s World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September. 

This year the theme is “addlifetoyears”, emphasizing physical therapists’ role in helping people with long-term illnesses or disabilities become independent and fulfill their potential.

Research indicates that people with a disability are less likely to be employed or to be playing an active part in society.  WCPT’s campaign materials this year emphasis the cost of this to individuals, their families, society and economies. Research indicates that lack of participation by people with disabilities costs some economies 7% of their gross domestic product.

But according to the United Nations “full participation by persons with disabilities will result in their enhanced sense of belonging and in significant advances in the human, social and economic development of society”.

WCPT’s World Physical Therapy Day materials this year demonstrate how physical therapists have a key role in promoting full participation by people with disabilities. The World Health Organization says that rehabilitation services such as physical therapy are a good investment because they “build human capacity”.

World Physical Therapy Day is marked every year by thousands of physical therapists around the world drawing attention to the profession’s contribution in promoting global health. WCPT produces a toolkit of materials for WCPT member organizations and others to use in local and national campaigns. The toolkit includes posters, flyers, ideas, practical advice, resources on the contribution of physical therapists, stickers and t-shirt designs.

Therapists and the importance of participation by people with disabilities.

Physiotherapy is essential and integral part of the applied medical science. It is not just a prescription of its modalities but very much an applied medical adjunct in regard of diagnostic therapeutic means. There are many conditions where physiotherapy is a mandatory for maximum functional recovery that can not be replaced by surgery or drug. There are Thousands of problems that can affect body movements and physiotherapy is an effective way to treat successfully many of problems, which can help repair damage by spending up healing process, reduce pain and stiffness and increase overall mobility. Therefore, it appears that in most of the cases physiotherapy is not matter of choice –but is essential and in dispensable method of treatment. For any condition what physiotherapy is given –is not that important but how it is given and who has given it are vital factors to get the required result.

Physiotherapist are expert in developing and maintaining people’s ability  to move and function throughout their lives. With an advanced understanding how the body moves and what keeps. It from moving well, they treat and prevent many problems cost by pain, illness, disability, disease , sport, work related injuries, ageing, in activity and so on. Physiotherapists help millions of people prevent  non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer through recommending safe and appropriate exercise programs and help people manage the effects of these conditions.

Physiotherapist is a specialist in physiotherapy must have enough knowledge of any conditions with appropriate technical skill before prescribe and applying physiotherapy treatment. However, physiotherapy given by any physiotherapist is not good enough and can never give required result. It is the physiotherapist and the quality of his applied knowledge that matters besides his sincere interest in the well-being of the patient. Communication ability, professional behavior and organizational ability, and characteristic of the service provided are the main qualities “good” physiotherapist from patients’ perspectives.

 Essentiality of Physiotherapy

Worldwide the number of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as Diabetes, Heart diseases, Stroke, Pain, Paralysis, Arthritis, autism, cancer have been increasingly alarmingly and consequently the physical disabilities and movement disorders are rising up alarmingly.

As a result world health Organization has declared that diseases  will be the greatest challenge in total health care in the twenty first centuries and it is reported that there are 35 million people died every year round the world due to these diseases and this rate is 60% of total death. So WHO, health related all organization in the world expect Bangladesh highly concerned about it and they are very closely concentrating and mind setting and doing high quality researching to prevent or control these diseases rate, reduce raising death  rate  and to prevent disability rate to manage disability. As reported from WHO, NCDs number, disability rate and death % would be remarkably decreased by physiotherapy & physical activity in all perspectives. Promoting and strengthening physiotherapy as a cornerstone of disability care and movement disorder, can significantly decrease these diseases and disabilities. So almost every country has taken initiatives on priority basis to develop and modernize Physiotherapy treatment and education to prevent manage NCDs and make disabled patient fit active.

Dr. Md. Shafiullah Prodhan

PhD, MD (Physio), BSPT(DU)

Vice President, Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA)

Chairman ( DPRC Hospital)

Mob: 01732-200697, 01716306913


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