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UN recalls Myanmar top official for in

Bdtodays, International: Myanmar is being recalled to the headquarters of United Nations in New York that has announced by United Nations that its wants to take with the top official of Myanmar.

The UN said Ms Dessallien would leave by the end of October. It said in June that she would be rotated from her position but stressed then the decision had nothing to do with her performance.

Diplomatic and aid community sources in Yangon that the decision was linked to her failure to prioritise human rights reports BBC.

Since then Ms Dessallien has remained in post with the government of Myanmar (Burma) rejecting her proposed successor. Two weeks ago the UN secretary-general said he had full confidence in Ms Dessallien but our correspondent says that now appears to be in doubt.

In the BBC investigation, she had also tried to stop human rights officials from visiting areas where the army allegedly persecuted the Rohingya minority.

A statement from the UN in Myanmar, in response to a BBC inquiry, defended Ms Dessallien’s handling of the Rohingya issue and said her departure was part of a succession process. Who will replace her remains to be announced.

Bdtodays/M, H/ 12 October, 2017

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