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‘Happy Birthday’ poet Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

Bdtodays Desk:  ‘Abelay Shonkhhodhoni’, ‘Afim tobuo bhalo’, ‘Dhromo she to hemlock bish’, ‘Ek Glas Ondhokar Hate’ are the wonder poem of poet Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah. But the poet is famous for his song ‘Bhalo asi, bhalo thako, and, his play ‘Bish Briksher Bij’. The poet was passed away 21 June 1991. But today is his birthday.

He was noted for his revolutionary and romantic poetry. He is considered one of the leading Bengali poets of the 1970s. Rudra was born in Barisal in 1956. His actual name is Sheikh Mohammad Shahidullah.

However, later he chose ‘Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah’ to be his name. His mother was Shiria Begum and father Sheikh Waliullah who was a physician.

In 1982 Taslima Nasrin fell in love with Rudra and fled home to marry him. They divorced in 1986. The poet was passed away only at his 35 and of course is a great missing for Bangla Literature.

Rudra Smriti Sangsad organises an annual fair named Rudra Mela, in memory of poet Rudro Mohammad Shahidullah.

Bdtodays/ M, H/ 16 October, 2017

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