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Taliban suicide car kill 10 Afghan police

Bdtodays, International: A Taliban attacks have killed at least 10 policeman in Afghanistan as the officials of Afghan confirmed. The attacks occurred in the country’s south, west and east.

Bu using a suicide car the insurgents stormed a security compound and killed at least seven policemen in southern Ghazni province.

Mohammad Zaman, the Provincial chief police, says the attack in Andar district early on Tuesday morning triggered several hours of heavy fighting until the attackers were repelled. Zaman says the district compound has been destroyed.

 In western Farah province, police chief Abdul Maruf Fulad says the Taliban attacked a government compound in Shibkho district, killing three policemen.

 The Interior Ministry says a militant attack, including a suicide car bombing is underway in eastern Paktia province’s capital, Gardez, where insurgents targeted a police training center. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for all three attacks.

 Source: AP

Bdtodays/ M, H/ 17 October, 2017

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