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Kane challenges Ronaldo

Bdtodays Desk: The lights are on Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo are looking each other in the eye. That young boy is treading the same path that Ronaldo did and beating his records in the process.

Tottenham’s No.10 is 24 years, two months and 19 days old and with 138 goals in 263 games. Ronaldo, just a few months before joining Real Madrid boasted 140 goals, but in 380 matches.

It is not necessary to be a mathematical genius to realise that the Englishman’s ratio far exceeds that of the Portuguese at his age. And that’s saying a lot.

Both have 43 goals in 2017, Kane taking just 124 games to score the 84 goals in the English top flight that Cristiano took 196 to achieve.

An average of 0.68 goals per game for the Tottenham player and 0.43 from the former Manchester United star.

Despite the progress of Tottenham in recent years, they are still a team that are on a lower step to Real Madrid.

However, at 24, Kane is the same age as Ronaldo was when he moved to Spain, and at this point is interesting the world’s best clubs… that includes Los Blancos.

Face to face, without looking at each other, Ronaldo and Kane are fighting two separate battles that in reality are the same.

Source: Marca

Bdtodays/ M, H/ 17 October, 2017

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